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Falcon Contracting also offers construction  consulting based on an hourly rate.
With over 30 years in the construction business, we have the knowledge to guide you through your most complicated projects.
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Preconstruction Services

Successful projects don’t just happen by accident – they are the result of intelligent, meticulous planning by seasoned professionals who recognize that the preconstruction phase of a construction project is, by and large, the most crucial.

At Falcon Contracting, our preconstruction process is geared to providing our clients with value oriented building solutions that meet or surpass project goals by minimizing construction time, realizing costs savings and reducing changes.

This objective is accomplished as a result of collaborative approach with clients and other professionals during the initial planning phase of the project to ensure that client’s needs and expectations are effectively incorporated into the project schedule, design specifications and budgetary guidelines.

Falcon Contracting’s preconstruction process includes the following activities:

  • Design co-ordination
  • Quality assurance
  • Schedule control
  • Cost analysis/budgeting
  • Building systems analysis
  • Site analysis/evaluation
  • Client consultation
  • Concept sketches
  • Preliminary zoning investigation
  • Production working drawings
  • Obtain permits
  • Zoning minor variance hearing preparation

Project Planning

Following the preliminary activities detailed in Preconstruction Services, Project Planning activities encompass the orchestration of manpower, materials and time with the intent of achieving optimal cost, scheduling and product quality for our clients.

Falcon Contracting is exceptionally well versed in the Project Planning phase which lays down the framework for accurate projection and control of the subsequent phases of the project through to the final completion of facility.

Planning activities include:

  • Developing preliminary critical path (project scheduling)
  • Design development/review
  • Developing budget
  • Trade procurement

Construction Services

Falcon Contracting’s successful delivery of construction services is the culmination of years of experience in organizing, scheduling and integrating complex construction activities within exacting standards of time, cost and quality.

Apart from technical expertise alone, a large part of Falcon Contracting’s success in executing projects can be attributed to teamwork, strong communication skills and having solidified excellent working relationships with all of the key players in the building process (owners, subcontractors, architects, municipal agents, etc.) who have a role in moving the project from concept to completion.

Construction Services include the following activities:

  • Design review & revision
  • Building inspections
  • Subcontractor coordination
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Permitting and municipal approvals re: revision
  • Contract administration
  • QA/QC management
  • On site supervision


Falcon Contracting has participated in many successful Design Build projects. In its simplest definition, the Design Build construction method is a contractual agreement with an owner to combine design and construction services into a comprehensive, integrated process with one single point of accountability.

Falcon Contracting believes that the Design Build approach offers many advantages including a simplified process for our clients as they only need to deal with one single point of contact, and in the long run, a more cost-effective design and delivery given the parallel coordination of design and construction activities.

Design Build includes the activities described under Preconstruction Services, Project Planning and Construction Services, in addition to the following:

  • Developing concept and design
  • Producing working drawings
  • Procurement management
  • Subcontractor coordination
  • QA/QC management
  • Cost monitoring and forecasting
  • Safety inspections

General Contracting

Falcon Contracting also offers General Contracting services, a delivery method providing clients with a traditional design-bid-build approach with the winning contractor serving as a single point of accountability for the construction process.

This project methodology incorporates many of the Construction Services activities detailed under Preconstruction Services, Project Planning and Construction Services in addition to:

  • Contract administration
  • Subcontractor prequalification & coordination
  • Safety inspections
  • Site management


Whether you are in the market for a simple addition to your kitchen or a complete interior renovation for your home or office, Falcon Contracting has the proven expertise and manpower resources to get the job done right – the first time.

Our Renovation Services encompass many of the Construction Services activities detailed under Preconstruction Services, Project Planning and Construction Services in addition to:

  • Demolition and Disposal (Interior/Exterior)
  • Excavations
  • Interiors
  • Rough and Finish carpentry
  • Masonry/Concrete work
  • Custom carpentry
  • Additions, second stories, custom homes
  • Landscaping


Falcon Contracting has developed a long and impressive track record in serving the residential, commercial and light industrial market segments.

Completed developments include thousands of square feet of residential, low and mid-rise office facilities.

Although the size and complexity of the individual projects vary, the attention to detail and emphasis on quality construction is a constant that keeps Falcon in the top tier of construction companies in the Greater Toronto Area.

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