About us

Falcon Contracting is a privately held construction company based in Toronto, Ontario serving the Greater Toronto Metropolitan Region. Owner and founder John Giannopoulos, has an extensive background in the construction industry dating back to the early 1980's. Prior to establishing Falcon Contracting, John specialized for five years in window, door and storefront installations in high-rise, commercial and residential projects.

Since its inception as a one-man operation in 1987, Falcon Contracting has built a solid reputation for excellence and integrity in residential/commercial construction. This success can be attributed to John's dedication and passion for delivering superior perfomance and value to clients based on exacting standards of quality, cost effectiveness and safety.

John's preconstruction know-how and technical expertise in complex projects involving structural work, additions, 2nd story and custom homes enable him to anticipate project challenges and develop innovative solution that ultimately fulfill and even surpass clients' objectives.

From concept to completion, Falcon Contracting has one simple unwavering goal - customer satisfaction, 100% of the time.

Does Falcon Contracting give me the option of selecting materials from a variety of suppliers?

Although we can do ‘turn key’ renovations, we also do partial work as per clients’ requests and are amenable to clients selecting materials from any supplier they wish or even supplying their own.

I have a two storey 2000 Square Foot house on a large lot. Would it be too expensive to demolish a house of this size? What are my options?

Sometimes it does not make any sense to completely demolish an existing home, as zoning bylaws may dictate new front, rear and side yard setbacks. Our Architects can correctly assess the best approach for your renovation.

What is Falcon Contracting’s specialty?

Falcon Contracting has been in business since 1987. In these years we have thrived to become a ‘one stop shop’ for various types of projects, from small to large, residential to commercial, to light industrial. We have an extensive network of Architects, Designers, Subtrades, etc. to undertake any project from simple to highly complex.

I have noticed a long horizontal crack in an exterior wall of my house. Will this be a major job to repair and possibly involve excavation?

Long horizontal cracks in an exterior wall indicate a serious structural problem. The remedy to something like this has to be assessed by a Structural Engineer.

What signs do I look for to tell me that my house is settling? How long does settling usually take?

New homes might take up to two years to settle. Small cracks in the foundation are usually signs of settlement. It is recommended for that reason you do not finish the basement in a new home in the first two years.

I don’t have any experience in construction. How do I find a contractor that I can trust?

We advise you to ask for references, ask to see a current project, speak to the owners of the current project and ask how long the construction company has been established. You should also confirm that they have a current business licence and are fully insured.

The windows in my home are old, don’t open and are not weather tight. Is the process of changing them very messy and lengthy?

Not at all. We can install replacement windows very quickly and efficiently. There is very little, if any, mess while we are working and once the job is completed you will never know we were there.

I need to take out the wall between my kitchen and my dining room. Do I need a permit?

Yes you do. Usually the wall between a kitchen and dining room in bungalows and even a few second storeys, is load bearing. A proper beam has to take the load that was resting on the wall. Getting a permit ensures that the job is done properly for your own protection.

I am considering an addition to my home, where do I start?

First you obtain a copy of your survey; Second you inquire at the city what the zoning is for your property. These steps will provide you with the maximum allowable dimensions of your addition.

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